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Drawings for Raw 1.5 EXTENDED

This section is for anyone who has purchased our plates or hardware package. As a bonus you will have access to more details on how to build the machine. If you for some reason did not get access to this area, please contact us with your order number and we will unlock these pages for […]


Instructions on how to build a Raw 1.5

Instruction videos for Raw 1.5 Here you will find all instructions on how to build the Raw 1.5 machine. You can also look at all the exploded drawings that comes with the package to see how to build the machine. As a customer you will also get downloadable files with more instructions for each video […]


Raw 1.5 User instructions

Raw 1.5 User instructions We have not translated this part yet but you will receive most of the instructions along with your machine. You can also visit our Swedish page and use the translator to read the Swedish version.  


Cutting parts from start to finish

Here is a video of typical work flow when working with your machine. I use 3 different softwares to cut my pieces. For 3D objects i use a free version of Google Sketchup. Tool Paths: You will need a “Tool Path” software, there is many free versions but i use V-carve Mach3 or similar to […]

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